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Sterile Collagen Particles
Tunneled & cavity wounds and undermined wounds
To Cover and Close the Wounds
Minimally to Heavily Draining Wounds

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Sterile Medicated Collagen Particles with Mupirocin 2% w\w, Metronidazole 1% w\w.
Infected Wounds, Tunneled and cavity wounds
To Cover and Close the Wounds
Minimally to Heavily Draining Wounds

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Sterile Dry Collagen Sheet with Gentamicin
Treatment of Osteomylitis
Orthopedic Surgery
Soft tissue infections
Abdominal Wound Infections

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Gentamicin in Collagen Gel Base
Delivers Gentamicin in a sustained manner
Decreases wound surface contamination
Gentamicin is wide spectrum antibiotic which is highly effective in treating primary and secondary infections of the skin

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Sterile Wet Collagen Sheet in Meshed Form
For Burns – avoid dressing over Collamesh and as epithelialisation occurs (21 Days) Collamesh sheet peels off
For infected 2nd Degree Burns 3rd Degree Burns as secondary Dressing
Collamesh promotes healthy granulation in deep wounds for early grafting. Instant Pain relief.
Allows skin to breathe. Rapid and effective in wound healing.
Promotes granulation and epithelialisation.

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Sterile Dry Collagen Sheet
Ready to use transparent self adhesive and dry membrane that offers complete flexibility.
Accelerates Healing rate and minimizes dressings.
Reduces scaring by depositing oriented and organised fibres.

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Donograft B

Sterile Dry Collagen Sheet with non-adherent absorbent Backing
Purified Type 1 Collagen with Medical Grade PU Foam Backing
Flexible and tacky
Facilitates Healing and Hemostatis